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Hides del Tietar is located in full center area of the peninsula. In the province of Toledo and is just a 1 h and 20 min. Madrid, confirming its strategic situation.


The ecosystem is constituted by land adehesados of oaks on the banks of the river Tiétar, which allows us to offer a multitude of species both in nature forest as of riparian zones and rural areas, as is the case of the Spanish imperial eagle (Aquila abarberti) Kingfisher (Alcedo atthis), Little owl european (Athene noctua) and European bee-eater among others... As the main representatives of each of the environments.

In all our hides photographic care has been taken in the most detail, offering innkeepers are very well chosen and funds if distractions and with a blur very good.

The success of these hides lies in the careful study of the environments and individuals, as well as the ongoing work with each of the species. In order that none of the species appear to be affected by the development of the sessions on all hides are set a series of general rules of forced compliance


Obligations during the session:

– It is totally forbidden to leave the hide, in case of need you should contact the guide

– Stay inside until the guide is in the door.
– You must put the mobile on silent and not to speak or make a noise.
– It is essential to wear a dark-colored, black, green, dark grey...
– In case of having glass spy, you need to keep the network up in front of the glass by the time indicated by the guide.
– Avoid bringing your face to the glass, can be seen from outside.
– Do not turn on lights, or use the flash of the mobile phone.
We reserve the right to use spy cameras in the area of the hide.

The success of the session will depend on the performance of the obligations.


What happens if a species does not fit?

Si una especie no entra abonara el total del precio y podrá repetir la sesión una vez más, en caso de no poder repetir, se le cobrará 50% en concepto de gasto.
Si la especie no entra una segunda vez, no deberá abonar nada, pero si desea volver a repetir  sesión deberá  pagar la sesión completa.
Tiene un plazo de dos meses para repetir la sesión, transcurrido este periodo deberá volver a pagar 

Si la especie no vuelve a entrar, deberá ponerse de acuerdo con el guia para hacer una sesión de otra especie. 

If at that time there is no species becomes available you will be able to negotiate an agreement.

Any species is guaranteed to be 100% of the species, whatever it is, always fail to a greater or lesser extent, are wild animals and we do not control your behavior. Therefore we can not guarantee the time it enters or how long it will remain, nor how many times shall come
When a species enters a lot more than normal, or enter other species that are not covered not add any increase in the price of the same mode when you can't get all of the times that the photographer would like to also make a discount. We will be fair when evaluating if a session has been at the height.


En esta web están reflejadas las especies más singulares que actualmente estamos en disposición de ofrecer con suficientes garantías. No obstante, la zona presenta una gran biodiversidad, por lo que trabajamos continuamente en poder ofrecer nuevas especies que puedan resultar de interés. Asimismo, si tienes un especial interés por fotografiar alguna especie, no dudes en ponerte en contacto con nosotros para saber si podemos disponer de ella.

For any questions, suggestions or comments please do not hesitate to contact with us


Mov: 608777042.