Hide Martín pescador

Hide de Martín pescador Hides del Tiétar

Hide kingfisher, Alcedo atthis, kingfisher





  • Recommended lens 300mm, 500mm
  • distance to subject 4 meters
  • Capacity for 2 people
  • Sessions morning and afternoon flights




Sign in flight: 

For the sessions in flight it is necessary to use a lens 150mm for APS-C and 200mm for FF.

Price: Session flights 125€ a person. 10€ discount per person sessions double



Check the offers to make multiple hides in the same day

It is possible to combine this hide with the little owl or drinker of reflections among others

Contact person: Fernando

Mov: 608777042

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Note: If you do a session of Martin in which he takes photos of perched and in flight (high speed) at the same time and for some reason, the flights did not go well, you will be charged the session of perching, and can be repeated only the session of flights