Hide Spanish Imperial Eagle (Aquila adalberti)

Hides spanish Imperial Eagle (Aquila adalberti)
Águila imperial Hides del Tiétar

        Hide para la fotografia de Águila Imperial ibérica, Aquila adalberti




One of the species of birds of prey more difficult to photograph, only available in very few areas of the iberian peninsula and a number of couples very small. The Ágila Imperial Iberica is a species endemic to Spain.

Our hide is Located in the central area of the peninsula, in the mediterranean forests of holm oaks and oaks, in the province of Toledo, only 1h 30 min. Madrid.

  • Perfectly integrated into the environment
  • Capacidad para 2 fotógrafos
  •  Cristal espía
  • Innkeepers with funds homogeneous, free of distractions and nice colors
  • Built in wood, dimensions:1.50 x 2.40 x 2.00 m
  • Coverage of the mobile 4G.
  • Sessions of half-day or full-day.
  • Includes transfer by 4×4 vehicle to the hide.


  • Use colored dress dark
  • Speak in a low voice.
  • Avoid making noise



  • Spanish imperial eagle (Aquila adalberti )
  • Black vulture (aegypius monachus)
  • Griffon vulture (Groups fulvus)
  • Common buzzard (buteo buteo)
  • Red kite (milvus milvus)
  • Black kite (Milvus migrans)
  • Raven (corvus corax)
  • Magpie (Pica Pica)
  • Azzure winged Magpie (cyanopica cooki)
  • Common blackbird (Turdus merula)
  • White wagtail (Motacilla alba)
  • Starling unicolor(Sturnus unicolor)
  • Egyptian Mongoose
  • Zorro

 Note: Not guarantee 100% no species



Form of payment:


The payment will be made at the arrival to hide in metal


Precio: un fotografo 130€ dos fotpgrafos 115€ cada uno.





Queda totalmente prohibido salir del hide, en caso de ser necesario interrumpir la sesión, deberá llamar por teléfono al guía.




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. Teléfono: +34 608 777 042