Hide juvenile imperial

Hide de pajizos

Hide juvenile Imperial eagle


Disponible emtre el dis 20 de julio, hasta el día 20 de agosto, mas o menos

This year we are entering two young people from Imperia, chicks born this year.

Enter the two together, so they give a lot of opportunities to get some great shots. In addition there are also the Imperial adult that can be photographed in flight on an occasional basis, as these other species: Vultures black, Griffon vultures, foxes, meloncillos, black kites, mousers, etc...

Although the hide is specific to photographs of chickens of imperial (Straw)


  • Hide for two people
  • With glass spy
  • Optical recommended 400, 500, 600mm
  • transfer to the hide in a 4×4.


Price: a person 110€. Two people 100€ each one.