Workshop on high-speed photography with Mario Cea

The goal of this workshop is to learn all the secrets of the fantastic technique of high
speed that allows us to stop any movement for fast and with which
we will be able to get unique images.


The workshop will be divided in two parts, a theoretical and the other practical.
In the theoretical part you will learn everything you need to be able to perform this discipline
the best possible way.

 Computer configuration and basic parameters
 Know and we will see all of the essentials.
 The use of flash.
 Different schemes of light.
 Scenarios.

The practical part was carried out with birds of prey in controlled conditions handled by
expert staff. Can we get images of the spectacular flights of these birds.

 Installation of equipment, high speed
 Cast of birds of prey to freeze their flights

The workshop will be held in Navarredonda de Gredos. In the hotel Doodles. An hour and a half from Madrid.

Photos taken during the practical workshop:

Pictures of Mario: